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Trainer Training & Coaching

A significant part of Galleou's work comprises Training of Trainer programmes tailored to clients' specific training needs. Courses enhance the trainers' effectiveness, confidence and motivation by developing vital training skills.

The Galleou Training Consultancy continues to work tirelessly to achieve its objectives, with substantial success, across a wide audience involved in training, teaching and giving presentations. This has resulted in the establishment of long term coaching relationships.

What is in a typical Train the Trainer Course?

Courses are constructed to be in line with the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development’s (CIPD) Certificate in Training Practice (CTP).

The CTP is based on a number of training models including ‘The Training Wheel’. Using this system the following would normally be covered:


Our coaching service has helped numerous individuals achieve personal goals such as Management, Training and Teaching qualifications. Much of this work has been to assist individuals in live delivery situations.

All our services are provided independently, in strict confidence and include feedback to individuals both verbally and in writing. This approach ensures standards are maintained along with continuing personal and professional development.


Graham is a natural trainer with enthusiasm and drive for the subject. He has a very positive approach to developing the skills of others and whilst working with our team has been so successful in training individuals to their greatest capacity.

On a personal level, Graham has the ability to build an immediate rapport with individuals and is sincere and very genuine in the way he invests his time in others.

Linda Austin, Course Team Leader,
Teacher Education and Continuing Professional Development
Uxbridge College